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Cubenco Business park
Unit 7 main road
Tel: 0227134481
Cell: 0711518488

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- Complete cardio area with Treadmills, upright
  bikes, elipticals, Recumbent bikes and steppers
  and rowers


- Complete super circuit and circuit


- Aerobics studio where we practice yoga, pilates,
  bootcamp, step, zumba, teabo and offer classes
  normally 6pm evenings and mornings 8:15am
  every day.


- Spin studio classes 5:30pm at night every day

- Complete Oxifit functional training and Trx training
  studio with classes every day simliar to the
  popular crossfit training.





Oxigym Fitness Club group consists currently of 6 branches, namely Oudtshoorn (Headoffice), Mosselbay, Knysna, Heidelberg (Gauteng) and then the 2 west coast branches of Langebaan and Vredenburg.

Oxigym West Coast is committed to helping the people of the west coast to achieve there fitness and lifestyle goals by providing two full commercial gyms. When put together the two branches would be almost 2000m2 of gym equipment under one roof but because of the unique demographic of the west coast with all the different small towns together the gyms were split in to two and currently consist of 890m2 in Langebaan and 1100m2 in Vredenburg.

This provides the opportunity for people to gym at either branch for their convenience and makes fitness and healthy lifestyle available to all in the lovely community of the west coast.